Stanley Krippner

Stanley Krippner PhD., declared by the APA in 2010, as the most important living psychologist in the world is an example to be followed by all scholars of Psychology. His enthusiasm, professionalism, dedication and integrity, in addition to the generosity that he manifests in his permanent smile, infects and invites to the constant improvement. Our Master, mentor, partner and friend, is known in all parts of the planet. Tireless traveler at 83 years of age who teaches in Europe, Asia and America and who continues to maintain the simplicity of preparing each class that dictates, recognizes that we are not alone on earth, that there are many phenomena to be discovered and that we must be open without Lose the sanity, to learn and to know that there is beyond the learned orthodox.

Dr. Krippner, who has received multiple awards, teacher and friend of great scientific personalities, is a born, clear and open researcher. Writer of more than 30 books and thousands of published researches and on this occasion accompanies us to discover that mysterious world of the UFO phenomenon, giving us his point of view from Neuroscience.