Sixto Paz



More than four decades ago a group of people tried to predispose themselves to contact with beings from other worlds, through telepathy or psychic communication. Through meditation techniques the conditions were created for channeling through psychography or automatic writing, from one message that led to another, and another one in succession. The messages were corroborated by sightings announced by appointment, deepening the relationship to direct physical contact and accompaniment to these visitors, climbing to their ships and crossing the interdimensional thresholds "Xendra".

After all the time has elapsed and the original experiences have been replicated in more than 50 countries, experiences have evolved, each coming accompanied by revelations, announcements and all kinds of prophecies that point to the great planetary transformation to From a generalized awareness.

The world did not end either in 1999, nor in the year 2000, nor in 2001 nor in 2012 because all that has been prophesied is to warn to correct. The world has as much hope as people committed to life; And every day more people are aware of the responsibility to exist in this world surrounded by so much life that we must know how to preserve.

What will happen or could happen in the immediate future? What did the Visitors of the Stars say? How can we accompany the planet in the great transformation by directing events? All this is the next level to be lived and transmitted.

The experience of contact has reached a much more committed level, previously 9 times were invited to the press to meetings scheduled by appointment in isolated places, in front of selected witnesses. Recently in July 2014, Televisa's "Third Millennium" journalists accompanied the contact group to a meeting in a public place such as the pyramids of Teotihuacan, and there in front of thousands of tourists and in full daylight appeared six naves Extraterrestrial, one of them in the form of a stripe. These objects were filmed by the press people. After this, what next?

The recent confirmations and releases of information about the possibility of life on Mars by the findings of liquid water, as well as blue skies and water ice on Pluto, lead us to think that the conditions are being given for a final definitive pronouncement On the part of the governments on the extraterrestrial life, and a possible and forceful manifestation of the stellar visitors.