Sixto Paz

Was born on December 12, 1955 in Lima, the capital of Peru. Son of a well-known UFO researcher, Carlos Paz García, grew up in a family environment very conducive to the investigation of extraterrestrial life. He pursued primary and secondary studies with the Marist Brothers, culminating his studies in the first place in the Order of Merits. He then pursued university studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, in the faculties of History and Archeology. Since 1974 he has established one of the most fascinating and widespread experiences of alien contact worldwide. It was precisely on January 22, 1974 that following a lecture given by Dr. Victor Yañez, a physician at the Lima Police Hospital and a member of the Theosophical Society, on the theme: "Telepathy as a transmission of distance thinking "Which suggested the possibility that there might be beings from other worlds that visit Earth, they might be trying to communicate with humanity, not only physically with their ships, but astrally, this is in dreams or mentally telepathically. Motivated by the conclusions of the conference, he met in his parents' house with his sister and his mother, to experience the telepathy exercises, and to try to establish a possible connection with the aliens.

Sixto Paz travels annually for around 18 countries, giving lectures and seminars, being invited to every International Congress held on the subject, as well as being a regular guest on television channels and radio programs around the world to discuss his experiences and Any fact related to the subject.Has exposed in the most prestigious and important international forums such as: The United Nations in New York, The Society of the Americas, Columbia University, John F. Kennedy University, University of Montreal, The Complutense University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Mexico, etc. I return from Washington, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Miami, where I am invited to lecture by two United States Senate Congressmen. In Washington he was interviewed by the Press at the prestigious Press Club. He is currently the author of seventeen books published in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Peru and the United States, some translated into English, German and Portuguese. The titles are: "THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL GUIDES", "INTERDIMENSIONAL CONTACT", "THE SECRET THRESHOLD", "GUARDIANS AND WATCHERS OF WORLDS", "MESSENGERS OF THE COSMOS", "AN UNUSUAL INVITATION", "THE ANTIPROFECIA", "THE INVITATION "," TANIS AND THE GOLDEN SPHERE "," TANIS AND THE MAGIC CUZCO "," EXTRATERRESTRES: OPENING EYES TO ANOTHER REALITY "," ANTHOLOGY OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT "," INSTRUCTOR OF NEW TIME " , "2012", "Practical Guide to Contact" and "DEATH DOES NOT EXIST: THE GREAT METAMORPHOSIS".

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