Ademar Gevaerd



At a 1996 Conference in Chile, Gevaerd reported sightings of UFOs around the world increased by more than 200% last year. He said that "there are places where there has been an increase of 400%. This means a real wave of UFO to the ground, and I have over 100 slides to prove it "." During the Symposium of UFO Australian International in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in October 1996, he spoke about two foreigners, allegedly captured by the army after their spaceship dropped in Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on January 20, 1996. The description of one of the creatures was similar to the standard short "grey", but had brown skin, red eyes and bumps that could have been the horns. Both foreigners were seen by many witnesses, but the army warned that it could not talk about it. Later, he indicated that the six foreigners were captured as well as various parts of your appliance. There were no witnesses among the firefighters who were the first officers on the scene, and the army confirmed the story.

In 1997, the Brazilian Committee of UFOlogists and Gevaerd, organized the World Forum of UFOlogy in Brazil, held in Brasilia.

Answering questions from the audience during a show 2001, described the strides that were made in UFOlogy in recent years and especially in Brazil, which he described as one of the main centres of research. He defended the serious investigation of UFOs against quacksters who seek to make money and the commentators who ridiculed him. He argued many documented sightings, including reports of the Bible. He pointed out that there was no evidence that foreigners had taken part in the construction of the pyramids of Egypt. He also said that many alien species visited Earth and for some reason, everybody had two arms, two legs and a torso and a head.

In July 2008 Gevaerd asked: "if we have machines that can investigate the soil of Mars, why are other extraterrestrial beings not be able to develop technology to get to Earth?".

In February 2007, was released the documentary Fastwalkers Gevaerd interviews and others on the subject of UFOs and aliens. In July 2007 were raided the offices of the magazine UFO, with valuable information from office, along with four computer file folders. A police officer said "it is clear that the action was premeditated and carried out by elements who had knowledge of the activities of the magazine UFO, experience with computers and know where to find the most important files of the company". Gevaerd said that efforts to prevent that the publication would have the opposite effect. This week the magazine launched his documentary 25 DVD, lights of Phoenix, describing one of the largest waves of UFO in the news, in March 1997 in the city of the State of Arizona, UNITED States.