After many years we returned to the interesting world of UFOs ... in 1979 and all the 80's with my dear friends Salvador Freixedo, Pedro Ferriz Santa Maria and Ken Smith, we organized eleven congresses of Parapsychology and UFOs, undoubtedly a bold proposal for Puebla in that time. It is also worth mentioning that we had renowned international guests, and famous writers at that time. Those who are left are relatively few, some no longer travel, others no longer attend seminars; However, and taking advantage of my relationship with former Jesuit priest Salvador Freixedo who was always as family, and as a tribute to his work of a life of research and research, will be the first on the list, along with his wife Magadalena Del Amo who lead this 12th. International Congress "Alien Project" 2017.


         When we hear Aliens, aliens, UFOs ... etc .. different emotions unleash within us. From curiosity to perplexity, however we can not deny that this phenomenon is more than proven, but, how does it happen ...?

UFOs or flying saucers are undoubtedly the devices we see frequently, but the really interesting thing is inside, what is inside an UFO? Who controls it ...? Where they come from ..? How are the crew ...? Etc ... movies, videos, magazines, television series, specialized programs, news, comments, show us some faces of the phenomenon that goes far beyond what we imagine.


        When Salvador used to come every year to Puebla, he always said - it is enough to see the sky to realize that we are not alone - and that is, although some selfishly think that the world is ours, that we can finish it and that alone There is what we see. Good, bad, better or regular is the mystery that you will unveil in this next 12th. Congress "Project Alien" 2017.

It is very important for me to gather, abducted, contacted, researchers, scientists and staff of the International Area Force, where they are, astrophysicists, physicists, neurologists, physicians, psychologists, writers and morally endorsed people have stories about it. When they gather characters that in addition to their experiences inside and outside Institutions like the Pentagon, they have investigated deeply; Which have been studied and presented in such important programs as Discovery Channel, Natgeo, History Channel, Ancestral Aliens, etc. and interviewed by the most serious media, I think we will have a feast of professionalism in this wonderful mystery. The time came and some who for years were forbidden to talk about the subject, will finally share their extraordinary experiences.

        Somehow we all have lived some phenomenon that sometimes we do not understand or just do not face, fear ... ignorance ... neglect ... and denial; But until when we can hide what happens. Prophecies, sacred scriptures, ancient hieroglyphics, ancestral cultures refer to something ... what will that something ...? What is coming ..? Or just cultural coincidences ...? Do not believe what you see or what you hear ... discover it for yourself in this magical meeting where you will be in a position to form your own criteria according to what you hear and live in this talk show.

The appointment is April 1 and 2 at the Puebla Convention Center, starting at 8 in the morning, where you will have two days full of surprises and unknown knowledge, where you can live and share your experiences and you can also dialogue with our Speakers of first level, that will not lead you to fantasy, but to understand a little more of the mysteries of the worlds around us.


        I am very pleased to be your hostess in this scenario of different and wonderful knowledge and thank you for completing this story where the most important character will be you sharing with Aliens who will surely peer out the window. I also want to thank my group of friends who come on the project making this great event possible. Likewise, I hope that what we learn will teach us to have more harmonious and gentle coexistence, to love our fellow men, to seek good for the world and to think differently to realize that if we do not, then others will come to teach us how and With painful lessons.


        I recently saw a movie called "The Arrival", which I rescue ... no one has to come to destroy us, we alone are doing it. THEN, let us unite ourselves to the human race and grow as true brothers in spirit. That in the end, terrestrial, Martian, Jupiterian or "X" galaxy are made of the same essence.

With all my extraterrestrial love.